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Presenting an Evaluation Model for the Cancer Registry Software

Hamid Moghaddasi, Farkhondeh Asadi, Reza Rabiei, Farough Rahimi, Reihaneh Shahbodaghi

Objectives: As cancer is increasingly growing, cancer registry is of great importance as the main core of cancer control programs, and many different software has been designed for this purpose. Therefore, establishing a comprehensive evaluation model is essential to evaluate and compare a wide range of such software. Methods: In this study, the criteria of the cancer registry software have been determined by studying the documents and two functional software of this field. The evaluation tool was a checklist and in order to validate the model, this checklist was presented to experts in the form of a questionnaire. To analyze the results of validation, an agreed coefficient of %75 was determined in order to apply changes. Finally, when the model was approved, the final version of the evaluation model for the cancer registry software was presented. Results: The evaluation model of this study contains tool and method of evaluation. The evaluation tool is a checklist including the general and specific criteria of the cancer registry software along with their sub-criteria. The evaluation method of this study was chosen as a criteria-based evaluation method based on the findings. Conclusion: The model of this study encompasses various dimensions of cancer registry software and a proper method for evaluating it. The strong point of this evaluation model is the separation between general criteria and the specific ones, while trying to fulfill the comprehensiveness of the criteria. Since this model has been validated, it can be used as a standard to evaluate the cancer registry software.
[Acta Inform Med 2017; 25(4.000): 267-270]

Keywords: cancer registry, cancer registry software, evaluation model

>>Full text PDF               >>Abstract               >>(10.5455/aim.2017.25.267-270)

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