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Managing information in Health Informatics

Rodolfo A. Fiorini, Izet Masic

Only once we agree upon our understanding of what words really mean can we debate whether a concept, represented by those words, is or not well represented significantly in specific application. Conceptual clarity and predicative/ impredicative competence are the fundamental components for managing information more effectively in Health Informatics, Healthcare and Medicine applications, while promoting innovation and creativity. Medicine was always the art and science of healing. The science became more and more a mechanistic technology in Healthcare; the art was dropped altogether. But uncertainty-as-problem in the past is slowly morphing into the evaluative concept of uncertainty-as-resource. The key change performance factor is education, distinguishing building on sand from building on rock for Health Informatics! Conceptual clarity, more than instrumental obsession is necessary. In this paper, we present the main concepts of fundamental biomedical enhanced knowledge formalization for Health Informatics and Wellbeing of the future.
[Acta Inform Med 2017; 25(3.000): 191-194]

Keywords: formalization of medical informatics, fundamental knowledge

>>Full text PDF               >>Abstract               >>(10.5455/aim.2017.25.191-194)

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